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inky_splotches's Journal

Icons and Graphics
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This is the graphics journal of made_in_ink.
You will find Icons, Header, friends only banners and the occassional layout here.
I post graphics of many fandoms mainly Lost, Heroes, X-men, Ashes to Ashes & Life on Mars, but I do drabble in other fandoms such as The Sound of Music and Disney. Basically there are no parameters to what fandoms I will make graphics for.
This is only a community because I am lazy and I can't be bothered to sign in and out as different users but please feel free to watch this community and keep up-to-date with new posts.
Remember to check my memories for some of my older graphics posts.
I really appreciate comments to let me know what you are taking/like it helps me recognise which styles are successful and what ones aren't. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to comment if you have a question or have something random you would like to say.
I'm not a credit Nazi, it is greatly appreciated if you do credit but I have better things to do than hunt out people who don't credit.
Layout V.2: Ashes to AShes. Header © of made_in_ink
Coding © of minty_peach


I use Adobe Photoshop and Imageready CS2 for all the graphics created in this journal.
My resource post can be found HERE. However, I mostly make and use my own brushes, textures and gradients for individual graphics many of which never get saved (oops!).
The resource page is also where all of the awards I have won for my graphics can be found.


I am always looking for new affiliates here at inky_splotches, so if you are interested feel free to leave a comment somewhere!
Current affiliates: